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A Chinese Restaurant Is Offering Free Food To Diners Under One Condition

A restaurant in China is offering patrons free food, but there’s a catch.  They have to be able to fit through the smallest opening of the gate.

This will probably upset and offend those who meltdown over the most inane issues, so if you’re easily offended, perhaps stop reading now.  But the owner of an eatery in East China obviously doesn’t care who is offended.  Zhao Long is asking patrons to try to squeeze through different sizes of gaps between bars and offering discounts for those who get through the narrowest spaces.

His restaurant in Jinan City offers customers free food and free beer, as long as they can fit through a 15cm (almost 6 inches) gap. Now, 15cm wide isn’t all that wide, and some say it’s too “skinny.”  However, most people would have a go at it if they thought it meant free food and beer for everyone, and it does.

Zhao means well, reported the LAD Bible. He wants to present a new way of making people mindful of the amount they eat and drink. He said: “So many people have told me that they’ve failed losing weight – just because they can’t quit drinking beer. Maybe this could serve as a reminder to them to keep an eye on their diet.”

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how his system works.  If you get through the smallest gap, you get free food and your entire table gets free beer. The next step up is an 18 cm (just over 7 inches) gap. If you get through that you win 5 beers – which is nothing to thumb one’s nose at, unless you dislike beer. The third increment is 25 cm (9.84 inches) and you get a free beer, which is still a good deal if you get through there. After that, it goes up to 30 cm. At 30cm (11.8 inches, almost a foot) you get no discount but are told: “your figure is just average – you shouldn’t ask for more.”

Zhao also says that at least one person gets through the smallest gap each day earning them the largest reward. He was also rather quick to add that all of them are female. He also said many still get through the second smallest gap, which still gets them 5 free beers.

He’s not the only one with an odd marketing tool for his business in the city, either. One restaurant nearby had the idea of offering discounts to women in short skirts. They get 90% off their bill if the skirt was 33 cm (13 inches) above the knee.

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