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Chinese Researchers Are Spraying Things Up Gay People’s Noses To Turn Them Straight

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Chinese researchers at Zhejiang University are in the process of conducting a study on how Oxytocin affects gay men, according to a Wednesday report.

The two-year study is in the process of its final stages in looking into how Oxytocin, also known as the “love” or “cuddle” hormone, may influence the sexuality of gay men, reports the Shanghaiist.

The study, called “A study on the effect of oxytocin on sexual orientation in men” was officially recorded back in May. Researchers are focusing on “the feature of brain activity and social gender cognition in male homosexuals, and how oxytocin affects them,” according to the online registration portal.

The study looked at two groups of ten gay men between the ages of 18-40 years old who volunteered for the study. One group received a nasal spray dosage of Oxytocin, while the other group of ten only received a saline spray.

The study previously came under fire when it seemed that the researchers were examining a cure for homosexuality as “male homosexuality” was written in the blank for the question “target disease.”

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chinese researcher wrote a letter of complaint about the study, demanding to know why gay men needed to be cured of homosexuality and why heterosexuals were not included as well.

Researchers later changed it to be a “basic study.”Homosexuality is still stigmatized in China, though the country decriminalized it in 1997.

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