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Cinnabon Forced to Delete Tacky “Best Buns in the Galaxy” Carrie Fisher “Tribute” Following Backlash

In case you had not heard, Carrie Fisher passed away yesterday at age 60 after suffering a heart attack.

She was best known for her starring role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, where she regularly wore her hair like this:


Well, national cinnamon roll chain Cinnabon decided now would be a good time to capitalize on Fisher’s passing with a Cinnabon cinnamon roll tribute on Twitter that even made Universal Studios go, “You guys…”


“Best buns in the galaxy…” What was she, an intergalactic porn star?

Although some thought it was cute, the Tweet pissed enough people off that Cinnabon deleted it.

You have to wonder if the company was just waiting in the wings with that graphic… In fact, Slate had 24 questions after Cinnabon sent it and deleted it, including:

1. Did anyone look at the tweet and say “maybe not” before you sent it?
2. When you said Carrie Fisher had “the best buns in the galaxy,” were you talking about her butt?
3. Did you know Carrie Fisher hated the Star Wars hairstyle depicted in your tweet, referring to it as a “hair prison for the fat” in her cheeks?
4. Have you considered renaming your signature Cinnabon® Classic Roll a “Dough Prison® for the Fat” in memory of Ms. Fisher?

And also:

8. Shouldn’t you have put a period after “Fisher” and capitalized “You’ll?”

But I think my favorites are:

11. Do you have other “piles of cinnamon and a Cinnabon® Classic Roll” portraits of celebrities ready to go, like prewritten obituaries?
12. If so, do you have one of Henry Kissinger?
13. If so, could we see it? We promise not to post it.

It should also be noted:

14. The first time you tweeted this portrait of Carrie Fisher, back on May 4, you wrote “Here’s to the princess with the second-best rolls in the galaxy.” Today, you wrote that Fisher “will always have the best buns in the galaxy.” Did death somehow improve Carrie Fisher’s hair and/or butt, depending on what you meant by “rolls” and “buns?”

Nice, right? Because Cinnabon meant that they had the #1 best rolls/buns in the galaxy, that’s why… when they used Carrie/Princess Leia in an attempt to sell their products the first time back in May.

It’s funny that some people are actually trying to pretend Cinnabon wasn’t trying to sell cinnamon rolls with their “tribute”. They were, and on the back of a dead star who spent her entire life dealing with body issues and an eating disorder due to the very role they are slapping an 880-calorie cinnamon bun with more than half of a grown adult’s daily recommended intake of fat upon. It’s pretty twisted. Other than the bun-like swirl of her hair in certain scenes (which she apparently personally detested, making the tribute a fail just on the surface anyway), Star Wars, Princess Leia, and Carrie Fisher have nothing to do with Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.

Poor taste, guys. Poor taste.

Guess it could have been worse…


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