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Colin Kaepernicks’ Legal Team Expected To Subpoena Trump And Pence

A source familiar with Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing grievance process with the National Football League has said his legal team is now expected to issue subpoenas for both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Kaepernick was the quarterback who initiated the “kneel during the national anthem” protest which sparked controversy and offended people nationwide.

Kaepernick has a collusion case against the NFL(he believes the NFL conspired to keep him from playing football) and according to CNN, Trump and Pence will likely be subpoenaed.  The new move intends to explore NFL owners’ ties with president Donald Trump, the source said, adding that several owners, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, have already been deposed in the case.

Kaepernick ignited a controversy back in 2016 when he refused to stand during the National Anthem, protesting what he believes are racial injustices and ongoing police brutality in the US. He opted out of his contract with the 49ers last year and became a free agent, but no NFL team has signed him. He filed a grievance against the NFL in October, claiming teams are colluding to deny him a job. –CNN

Kaepernick is actually a horrible quarterback and his stats in his last year in the NFL are the sole reason he has no job.

No one has forgotten Kaepernick’s unwillingness to stand for the national anthem played before every football game.  It caused an uproar among the most conservative and offended the “patriotic” Americans, while others praised his bold display of free speech. The quarterback’s support for Fidel Castro became a bone of contention as well, but that isn’t why he’s jobless.

The NFL employs rapistsmurderswife beaters, and dog fighters. If Kaepernick could play football, he’d have a job. But the truth is, Kaepernick was one of the NFL’s worst quarterbacks last year. He actually boasted some of the most embarrassing and disappointing statistics to date, other than myself personally rushing for more yards than running back Reggie Bush (-3) last season. Kaepernick is jobless because he isn’t a good enough quarterback to be in the NFL, not because he chapped the back sides of conservatives with his decision to use his free speech.The Daily Sheeple

Trump has called out the NFL multiple times over the anthem controversy. He canceled the traditional visit by the Super Bowl championship winning team (in this case, the Philadelphia Eagles) earlier this week. Trump claimed that the decision was due to players not standing for the anthem, though the White House later acknowledged that low expected attendance by team members was a key factor.

It’s not like it matters much anyway. Numerous Eagles players had already declared they didn’t want to go to the White House because of Donald Trump anyway, and who could blame them after the narcissist spun the protests into a wild nationalistic propaganda campaign for his base. -The Daily Sheeple

Let’s not forget Mike Pence’s public relations stunt either. He left an October NFL game between the 49ers and Colts in Indianapolis after some players knelt during the National Anthem, saying on Twitter at the time that he would not “dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.”

Mike Pence made a big show out of leaving a football game early. Not just any game though. He went to an Indianapolis Colts game at home against the much-hated by the right, San Franciso 49ers. He then proudly declared himself upset and offended that some players knelt during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner (which he knew well in advance would happen.) “I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem,” he declared on Twitter. 

Pence just proved that the right snowflakes can meltdown just as quickly as the left snowflakes when presented with the perfect bait.-The Daily Sheeple

This whole thing has become nothing more than a propaganda stunt for both sides and it’s really getting old.  Everyone is ruining football for the fans over what amounts to offending some people who claim they are all for free speech. And Kaepernick is jobless because he isn’t good at the job he wants to have.  Period. The collision grievance is beyond ridiculous.  But Trump and Pence did use the kneeling players as bait to prop up their base.  Anyone who missed the blatant propaganda in it is highly delusional.

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