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Major Censorship: Alex Jones Has Been Banned From YouTube

In a bid to prevent the public from forming opinions that go against the official narrative, YouTube has banned Alex Jones.  Jones is the infamous creator of the Infowars website and YouTube channel.

YouTube banned Alex Jones just hours after Facebook removed several of his pages, according to Vice. 

As of Monday afternoon, the Alex Jones Channel no longer appears on YouTube and shows a message that it’s been removed for violating YouTube’s community guidelines. YouTube did not immediately respond to VICE News’ request for comment, but in a statement to BuzzFeed News, the company said that when users repeatedly violate policies “like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts.” –Vice

Facebook’s decision to delete Alex Jones’ pages came just hours after Apple purged all but one of Jones’ podcasts from Apple Podcasts and iTunes. Spotify has also removed all episodes of The Alex Jones Show.

The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube had 2.4 million followers, and YouTube previously took down four videos from the Alex Jones channel and suspended the channel from live-streaming for 90 days.

But if the leftists and communists in charge think Jones is now silenced, they should think again.  Infowars’ flagship website boasts 3.6 million monthly unique visitors, according to metrics kept by Amazon’s Alexa Internet.  Jones’ radio show, which is syndicated by more than 160 stations nationwide and streamed online, reaches millions. His Sunday broadcast out of Austin, Texas, in fact,  reached 2 million weekly listeners in 2010, according to Texas Monthly

Even the most liberal of political pundits are claiming that banning Jones sets a dangerous censorship precedent that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone. Banning Jones will do little more than prove to his followers that he was right and the left is attempting to silence him. In addition, ARS Technica said that policing content for “factual accuracy” could suck platforms into endless controversies over hot-button political issues, which are by and large opinions anyway.

So basically, Jones has been censored and all of the totalitarian crazies who can’t be bothered to fact check on their own, but rely on their precious CNN to do the hard work for them are celebrating.

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