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Man Gets $100 Million Water Bill, Asks: “Can I Pay in Installments?”

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We’ve all gotten unexpectedly high bills before and the sticker shock is never fun…but can you imagine getting a water bill for 100 million bucks?

It happened to a man from Orange County, North Carolina.

Kieran Healy received a water bill from Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OSAWA) for $198.92 – which is a realistic amount for a water bill these days – but the service fee of $99,999,999 is just a wee bit high.

The service fee brought Healy’s total bill to over $100 million, according to a reminder message for his online bill payments.

Healy directed a Tweet to OSAWA to ask if he could pay his astronomical bill in installments…

Of course, the outrageously high amount was due to an error, explains The News & Observer:

OWASA officials said the utility outsources various functions of its billing to a service provider called Invoice Cloud. One of the services Invoice Cloud provides is auto drafts, where bill payments are taken out of customer bank accounts or charged to credit cards automatically.

Invoice Cloud sends an email to customers before those charges happen, said Stephen Winters, director of finance and customer service for OWASA. But this email had an error that made it appear as though an huge service fee would be charged.

OWASA isn’t sure how many people received the erroneous email, but Winters said emails explaining and apologizing for the mistake are being sent.

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