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National Conceal Carry Bill Heads to House Floor, But With a BIG Catch


Here is VERY encouraging news on the gun front, and possibly a top contender for a Longer Leash of the week award. It seems the wanna-be masters of the US House, at least a majority of them, might just decide to pass a bill that allows individuals to conceal carry their tools of self defense (that’s guns, in case you’re not getting it), no matter what state they’re in.

This isn’t a constitutional carry thing applied nationally. You still need your freedom license from one of the states to be able to “legally” conceal carry your gun in other states.

The vote for the bill is coming up tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6th, and it appears the votes are there in the House. The votes also appear to be there in the Senate and President Trump has already signaled his intention to sign the bill. But, as Longer Leashes usually go, there’s a catch.

In addition to passing what is called “The Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act”, there will also be included in this bill the “Fix NICS Act.”

The Fix NICS Act does these things (all three of which have broadly written language, a favorite tactic of the wanna-be masters):

  • Establish a new “Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention Initiative” in order to better prevent those convicted of those crimes from obtaining weapons.
  • Publicly report any federal agencies that fail to upload relevant information to the system, and withhold certain pay from political appointees who neglect to upload the info.
  • Establish new measures to verify the accuracy of existing records already uploaded into the system.

It will be interesting to see the amount of previously approved gun purchases that will be rescinded through this measure, and what the grounds of those reversals will be. There is already a report of 4,000 gun owners who have been notified that their previous approval to buy guns is no longer approved. Will gun confiscation then occur? Will gun confiscation at a small scale be a method of inuring people to the idea of gun confiscation, making it easier when a larger scale operation is enacted?

These are the questions you should probably be asking yourself.

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Contributed by Paul Gordon of iState TV.

Paul Gordon is the editor of Istate.tv and co-host of numerous podcasts including VisPrivus, Lulzilla and Full Auto. He is also the publisher of a local digital newspaper, the Tioga Freedomist


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