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Visualizing What You Have To Make Each Year To Reach The Top 1% In Each State

In 2015, the top 1% of Americans made 26.3 times as much income as the bottom 99 percent - an increase from 2013, when they earned 25.3 times as much, according to a recent study released by the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning Washington, D.C. think tank.

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The 1% Has Started to Embrace Bitcoin – Why It Matters

Specifically, this real estate project highlights the fact that adoption of Bitcoin amongst people with significant financial resources is happening faster than many realize. Why does this matter?

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The Great Con: Political Correctness Has Marginalized the Working Class

So when the protected class of well-paid institutional "progressives" speak darkly of "reversing 40 years of social progress," what they're really saying is we're terrified that the bottom 95% might be waking up to our Great Con of identity politics and political correctness.

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