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Shock: Conservative New York Times Columnist Calls For Repealing The Second Amendment

Supposed conservative Bret Stephens has called for the full on repeal of the Second Amendment in the wake of the largest mass shooting in American history.

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Washington State Opens Door to Tax Gun Ownership Out of Existence

If the 2nd amendment were truly powerful enough, in words on paper, could any lawyer even do to that standard what these sophists in robes were able to do here?

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Dumbest Gun Control Stunt… Ever? TN Dems Host “Lemonade Stand/AK-47 Sale”

But... do they have a permit for that lemonade stand???

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Waitress Fired from Waffle House for Pulling Gun to Fend off Robbers, as Chain’s “Gun-Free Zone” Policy Spurs Rash of Armed Robberies Nationwide

It's almost as if Waffle House is advertising themselves as an easy place to rob, like the policy is a glaring neon sign beckoning robbers to rob their completely unprotected staff and clientele.

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“Shame on You for Dishonoring Jesus”: Grisly Gun Control Video Features Gunshot Victim Christmas Card Campaign

Nothing quite says "The spirit of Christmas" like invoking Jesus on grisly Christmas cards with graphic pictures of gunshot victims to push an anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

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Feds Warn Gun Dealers to Stop Sales to Suspected Cannabis Users

If you are a legal cannabis user in one of the 29 states, the feds want to disarm you.

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Jesse Ventura Explains Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Hypocrisy


Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appeared on The Young Turks, a leftist online news channel, and explained to the host why he doesn’t take Hillary ...

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