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Video: 5 Examples Which Prove The Deep State Doesn’t Care Who You Vote For

What has become crystal clear this week is that the Deep State has zero regard for the will of the people and will keep control over this nation by whatever means necessary.

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Video: 5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

And yes, there are a whole lot more than five, but here are five recent examples that prove our dystopic future is actually our dystopic present.

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Are They Actually Calling for a “Ministry of Truth” Now?

America is clearly inching one step closer to George Orwell's 1984... Where do you think they'll build the Ministry of Truth?

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WORD: 5 Stories You Might’ve Missed Because No One Can Stop Talking About the Election

Here are five stories you might have missed because the establishment media hasn't found anything new to talk about yet...

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