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Security Officer Working at New York New York Casino on Night of 1 October Shooting Confirms ‘Deaths, Shots Fired, in the Zumanity Theater’

“We’ve got deaths in the back,” the presumably credible witness said. “We heard shots fired — no more than two minutes ago.”

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30 Phone Calls to 911 That Sheriff Joseph Lombardo Doesn’t Want You to Hear From the Night of 1 October

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless that is, of course, Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas does an exposé on the matter bringing it all out into the forefront. Please share this bombshell information far and wide, send it to everyone you know!

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Paramedics Realized This One Thing About 911 Calls, Drastically Reduced Them With Genius Program

Meet the Community Paramedic Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program: “an initiative that employs a separate group of specially-trained paramedics to take care of chronically ill patients before they ever have to dial 911.”

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The Orlando Shooter’s 911 Calls Were Finally Released — and They’re Very Telling


By Alice Salles In June, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a heavily redacted snippet of the transcript of Omar Mateen’s calls with the ...

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