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Trump Lashes Out At “Fake News” CNN For “Vicious And Purposeful” Mistake, Demands Terminations

Donald Trump takes aim at the "least trusted name in news" CNN after yet another fake news report from the transparently anti-Trump cable network.

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ABC News Suspends Brian Ross After On-Air Fake News Report About Michael Flynn That Caused Stock Market Panic

ABC news announced Saturday that it was suspending investigative reporter Brian Ross for four weeks after he aired an anti-Trump fake news report.

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The Fake News About The Flynn Scandal & The Double Standard Of Perjury

The fake news went straight to the top of Drudge report and nearly every news site and induced a sharp market sell-off.

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Breaking: ABC’s “Bombshell” Michael Flynn Report That Triggered Market Sell-Off Was Fake News

On Friday, ABC's Brian Ross got the facts completely wrong in his panic-inducing "bombshell" report on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

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