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Obamacare Rage: One Family Of 4 In Virginia Is Faced With Paying $3,000 A Month For Health Insurance

Our healthcare system is deeply, deeply broken, and we need to get back to a system that is centered primarily on doctors and patients.

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37 Percent Rate Increase In 2018??? Obamacare Is Imploding And It Must Be Repealed Now!

Doing nothing is not an option. The longer that Obamacare is allowed to exist, the more financial damage it will do to middle class families.

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Trump Obamacare Executive Orders: An Analysis and Opinion

Trump’s Executive Orders on Obamacare may effectively end the signature legislation of former President Barack Obama, but he will hardly end gov-care, and that, my friends, is a far pressing problem.

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Trump Signs Executive Order To Begin Unwinding Obamacare

Having failed to repeal (or replace) Obamacare in the Congress on three separate occasions, on Thursday morning Trump took matters into his own hands.

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BREAKING: Trump Just Made MASSIVE Obamacare Announcement- “Since Congress Can’t…I Will…”

Brett MacDonald AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS | FOLLOW: Twitter | LIKE: Facebook | READ: Deplorable Digest’s Latest | President To Prioritize Healing Healthcare! Working In A Bold Alliance Sure To Please Grass-Roots Activists: In a startling announcement sent directly to ‘We The People’ over the president’s favorite medium of communication, Twitter, Donald Trump teased a solution to oneRead More

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Obamacare Fiasco Likely Means Trump Will Go Winless In His First Year In Office

After failing at least once in the House, depending on your definition of failure, the GOP's hopes of repealing and/or replacing Obamacare looks to also now be official dead in the Senate as well.

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U.S. Health Insurance Model on the Brink of Collapse (Video)

Even people with insurance coverage often can't afford their medical bills, and premiums and deductibles continue to skyrocket.

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Hypocrite McCain Makes Healthcare Statements Forgetting Obamacare’s History

"I’m sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it [the health care bill]," John McCain said.

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Visualizing The Epic Collapse Of Obamacare

These graphics, which clearly depict the epic collapse of Obamacare, may help lend some perspective to Democrats who are vehemently fighting to preserve a system that is clearly very broken.

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Suddenly, Both Obamacare Repeal And Trump Tax Reform Are Dead

Translation: both healthcare and tax reform are now indefinitely dead, which means that a suddenly pivoting Trump, who earlier today said he had "changed his mind" on Syria, may have no choice but to begin war with Assad to distract from everything else that is going on in the US.

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