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3 Proven Things Schools Can Do To Curb The ADHD Epidemic Without Prescribing Drugs To Kids

We really just don’t know what the long-term, generational effects of such widespread use of ADHD medications will be.

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3 Troubling Signs of the Expanding War on Children’s Health

The conditions are ripe for more attacks on health sovereignty, and while the medical establishment and government are pushing ever further into the medical lives of individuals, the institutional war on children’s health and psychological wellness is expanding behind the scenes.

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The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children

Diagnose the children, drug them, bring them back into line, make them “normal,” reduce their curiosity and independence and drive and will power.

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Experiments With Meditation Expose the Fallacy of Medicating Kids for ADHD

After all, meditation is the practice of concentration, while ADHD is the lack thereof.

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