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CNN Caught Creating Fake News Again: Adding Words To Syrian Witness’ Statement To Fit Western Narrative

Although the entirety of the Western corporate media machine is worthy of the name “Fake News,” CNN has become the standard bearer of the title.

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Were RT And Drudge Taken Down So the Government Could Control the Anti-Russia Narrative?

The world has watched aghast at the antics of Clinton supporters and at the last ditch attempts of President Obama to leave the worst legacy possible for his replacement.

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History Shows How Rare and Valuable Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Are

Freedom of speech and of the press – no matter how much we may disagree with and even hate what someone else says – is the bedrock of America.

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Anonymous’ Journalist Released After 4 Years In Jail — Vows Never To Back Down

Brown was ultimately convicted for the crime of being a real journalist who was not afraid to expose the secrets and crimes of those in power.

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7 Reasons that the Corporate Media Is Pro-War

Why has the American press has consistently served the elites in disseminating their false justifications for war?

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