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[WATCH] Superhero 4-Year-Old Uses His Powers To Feed The Homeless

One four-year-old superhero has taken to the streets to use his superpowers for good.  Austin Perrine is a mild-mannered little boy from Birmingham, Alabama, however, once a week he turns into this alter ego: a superhero whose goal is feeding as many homeless people as possible.

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Malnourished ‘Skeleton’ Dog Nursed Back To Health In Bali

When Rico Soegiarto found an abandoned husky it was so weak and sick from neglect it could barely stand up. It was so mangey and had so many sores on its skin that it was almost impossible to even tell the dog was a husky.  But Soegiarto nursed it back to health and the photos are truly heartwarming.

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Hero Boy Helps Deliver His Baby Brother, And Save His Mother’s Life

A heroic ten-year-old boy is being credited with saving the life of his mother and delivering his baby brother. Jayden Fontenot went into superhero mode when he noticed his new born baby brother couldn't breathe.

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Community Bands Together To Help Father of Five

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a community is coming together to help an arrested father of five children. Victor King was arrested Tuesday, but he's already back at work thanks to the kindness and generosity of others.

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How One Man Voluntarily Cleaned Up His Beloved Town

Taking charge to clean up the city, Ryan Butcher, in the rain and donning Carhartt coveralls, cleaned graffiti off playground equipment and painted over the damage.

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After Wife Dies, Man Builds A Pool For Neighborhood Children

It’s always the right time to be a good person and to be the positive change you wish to see. That’s evident when we take a look at what 94-year-old Keith Davidson did to alleviate the silence in his home after his wife died. Davison had been married to his wife for 65 years.  A retired […]

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