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US-Led Syria Aggression and Lies, But Where’s the Justice?

This should not be left as a case of “oh well, we made a mistake”. These three NATO powers stand accused of committing a war crime and inciting an international conflict. They had little moral authority to begin with, but now their pretentious credibility is in utter shreds.

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Rand Paul to Introduce ‘Audit the Fed’ as Amendment to Senate Banking Bill

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced on March 5 that he will introduce his “Audit the Fed” legislation, which would permit a full audit of the Federal Reserve System, as an amendment to the Senate Banking Bill.

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FACT CHECK: Does The Federal Government Borrow $1 Million Every Minute?

Republican Sen. Rand Paul claimed Thursday that the federal government borrows $1 million every minute.

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Rand Paul Shined A Spotlight On A Potential Problem When Stephen Colbert Asked Him About The Russia Investigation

Sen. Rand Paul said he believes there is a potential problem with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Wednesday night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

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Trump Proposes New Rule To Allow Health Insurance To Be Sold Across State Lines

The new rule will allow insurers and health associations to sell health insurance plans that do not comply with all of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance regulations and would allow for sales of health insurance plans across state lines.

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“This Could Be Worse Than Watergate”: Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Into Obama Operatives Who Colluded Against Donald Trump

Senator Rand Paul has called for an investigation into the Obama/Clinton operatives who tried to stop Donald Trump from winning the election.

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Rand Paul: ‘I Cannot Vote To Add More To The Already Massive $20 Trillion Debt’

Senator Rand Paul said Tuesday that he cannot vote to add more to the national debt. The lawmaker wrote in a post on Twitter that "I promised Kentucky to vote against reckless, deficit spending and I will do just that."

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Sen. Rand Paul’s Attacker May Face More Serious Charges, Due to Life-Threatening Injuries

The neighbor of US Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) may get charged with felony assault, after Paul was reportedly hospitalized with five broken ribs, three out of alignment. The attack allegedly took place as the senator was at home mowing his lawn.

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US Spy Chiefs Implore Congress to ‘Reauthorize’ Mass Surveillance of Internet Users

US intelligence officials are fighting to renew the controversial spying program which allows agencies to conduct bulk surveillance on internet users.

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BREAKING: Trump Just Made MASSIVE Obamacare Announcement- “Since Congress Can’t…I Will…”

Brett MacDonald AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS | FOLLOW: Twitter | LIKE: Facebook | READ: Deplorable Digest’s Latest | President To Prioritize Healing Healthcare! Working In A Bold Alliance Sure To Please Grass-Roots Activists: In a startling announcement sent directly to ‘We The People’ over the president’s favorite medium of communication, Twitter, Donald Trump teased a solution to oneRead More

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