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Peace Prize Nominated “Humanitarian” White Helmets Stand with al-Qaeda, Hold Citizens Hostage in Damascus Without Water

The White Helmets are nothing more than a terrorist support group, a fact known to many within the alternative media for quite some time. However, this recent stunt should remove all doubt as to where the fake humanitarian organization’s loyalties lie.

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Five People Arrested for Dousing Children in Fake Blood to Stage Aleppo War Propaganda

Stories like this one right here are why we can't believe anything we see coming out of Syria without further investigation.

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7 Reasons that the Corporate Media Is Pro-War

Why has the American press has consistently served the elites in disseminating their false justifications for war?

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The 20 Most Sinister Psyop Leaflets of All Time

Some of the weirdest and most disturbing advertisements ever created are done so for military campaigns.

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