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The FBI’s Lame Holiday Graphic Is So Bad, It Leads to Speculation the Agency Has Been Hacked


Check out what the FBI sent out on its official Twitter account on Christmas Eve:

That’s right. Complete with “Lucida Calligraphy” font and everything…

The 90s called, and they want their lame MS Paint drawn snowman holiday graphic back.

You know that time when an agency who takes itself seriously enough to open a 360,000-sq-ft biometrics facility with a database that contains 90% non-criminals (i.e., probably you and your family) can’t even be bothered to get a nice stock photo or find a guy who knows Photoshop for their obligatory nondescript winter “holiday” greeting?

Is this how far a government agency has to take it in 2016 to be non-offensive at Christmas, or…? It’s just insulting. In fact, not saying anything would’ve been better.

It’s like the agency was trying to underwhelm us all to the point we feel artistically violated. People couldn’t stop making fun of this.


Others were concerned the terrible graphic as proof the FBI had its Twitter account hacked.

While still others are unclear what it is the FBI even does anymore…



But it could’ve meant so much more…

Then again, the CIA’s holiday greeting on Twitter wasn’t all that much better.

At least the NSA didn’t go there.

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