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Video: Huge Chunk Of Boulder Breaks Off, Sends Climber Plummeting


Earlier in the year, rock climber Brian Koralewski was climbing a well establishment route in Little Rock Canyon, Utah when the unthinkable happened.

Right as Koralewski was nearing the finish, a huge chunk of rock suddenly broke off, sending the climber plummeting to the ground, with the rock actually falling on the man as he hit the ground. Amazing, Koralewski was able to hike out himself, despite sustaining heavy leg injuries.

As Deadspin noted, the climber eventually wrote about the scary fall and the injuries he sustained which included a broken fibula, a partial tear to a major leg tendon, and a gash that required stitches.

“The rock that Koralewski was climbing on is a 1/4 mile walk from the trailhead, and he said it took him 25 minutes to make the hike, before he drove himself to the hospital. He posted several (very gruesome!) photos and chronicled his recovery, which has now progressed to the point that he’s climbing again.”

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