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Watch: Brave Teenage Store Clerk Boldly Grabs Gun From Robber


A criminal got quite a surprise when he tried to rob a store in Atlantic City on Monday.

Efaj Ahmed, 17, was working inside his parents’ convenience store when a man in a dark jacket, hood, and mask entered.

Ahmed described the incident to CBS:

“He comes over here with the plastic bag. There’s a gun in it. He opens it up and says ‘I have a gun. Give me all the money that you got right now.’”

The store’s surveillance footage shows the suspect setting an open bag and gun on the cashier counter.

That’s when Ahmed quickly reacted:

“I snatched the gun from him, took it and aimed it at him. That’s when he took his mask off and everything and put his hands up. He’s like, ‘Stop. Stop. Stop.’”

According to an alert from the Atlantic City Police Department, after Ahmed grabbed the weapon, he realized it was a BB gun. The suspect then removed his mask and tried to pretend that he was playing a joke on Ahmed.

The suspect fled, and was last seen walking quickly southbound on Ventnor Avenue. Investigators are currently looking for surveillance footage of the suspect from nearby stores.

Other business owners in the area say they recognize the suspect and believe he’s known to police.

Ahmed said that before the incident on Monday, he’d never really held a gun.

He was afraid at first, Ahmed said, but the fear subsided when it appeared the robber didn’t know what he was doing:

“Usually, they point the gun at you right, and I’m like, whoa, what is he doing? Then, that’s when I see the gun on the table and I’m like wait, is he trying to rob me like this?”

He said he’d do it all again if necessary – to protect what his parents have worked so hard for:

“They put a roof over my head. They give me food. Three meals a day. I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to help them out. As soon as I had the gun I knew he couldn’t do nothing to me.”

Atlantic City police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect, who they believe goes by “Ed” or “Eddie” and may work or reside in the area.

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