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[WATCH] Unmarked Cop Car Runs Red Light, Tries To Give Ticket To Man Who Recorded It

If you’re going to run a red in your unmarked cop car and then try to ticket the driver who was legally completing a left turn, you could try to make sure that driver doesn’t have a dash cam.

After the cop, who ran a red light pulled over the driver, he proceeded to tell the driver that he was at fault.

Perhaps the most appropriate comment about this video comes from a YouTuber. “This incident had nothing to do with law and had everything to do with ego.”

It’s particulary fascinating when the cop askes “why are you shaking?” Oh, maybe it’s because three armed cops were in an unmarked car were attempting to harass a person who had a video of them commiting a traffic violation. And cops in the US aren’t trigger happy at all…right?

Joshua Bialek via ViralHog

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