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Who is the Richest Person in YOUR State?


Ever wonder if anyone in the top 1% lives near you?

It’s a big club, and most us aren’t even close to being in it, but there are One Percenters in every state in America.

Annually, Forbes compiles a list of the wealthiest people in every state, and tells us how each of them acquired their riches.

There are 52 people on the list this year (Alaska and Delaware had ties).

Forbes created a chart to show the richest in each state.

This map shows the industries in which the most wealthy earned their riches:

There is only newcomer to this year’s Richest In State list – Frank VanderSloot of Idaho. He built his $1.9 billion fortune from his retailer Melaleuca, which sells vitamins, supplements and eco-friendly cleaning products. VanderSloot is one of 8 retail billionaires on this year’s list.

Of course, heirs of the retail giant Walmart made the list, including Alice Walton (Texas) and Jim Walton (Arkansas), whose fortunes have continued to grow in the last year. Alice’s net worth is up $4.9 billion to $33.3 billion, and Jim is up $4 billion to $34.5 billion.

For more details on the list, head on over to Forbes.

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